About Dave

Hi, I’m Dave and welcome to my site. I’m a husband, father, grandfather and photographer. I got interested in photography at a very early age, beginning with a simple box camera (127 roll film) and the family Polaroid camera, before moving onto my first SLR, an Olympus OM10 in the 1980s.  I’m primarily interested in film photography and use a range of film cameras from 35mm compacts (I’m very fond of the Olympus Trip 35) to 35mm SLR/Rangefinders to medium format. Although I’ve dabbled with digital (I still own Sony RX100 and of course my iPhone goes everywhere with me) but in the last few years I’ve found myself going back to film.

I’m also a bit of a camera buff (read ‘geek’) and have collected/used a variety of cameras over the time, nothing exotic, except perhaps for my ‘new’ Leica M6 TTL – a camera I’ve always dreamt of owning – which is now my favourite camera. There is something ‘organic’ about using the simple, uncomplicated Leica that I find very rewarding; the Leica 50mm Summicron is outstanding too.

I’m what some might call a romantic soul…. when I’m not working, I love to chill with my family or catchup with friends. I love mechanical cameras that I can connect with, the look and ‘feel’ of film, vinyl records, moleskin notebooks, great coffee, cool Jazz, craft ales and fine whisky.

I’m also a bit of a ‘tech geek’ and a keen user of the internet as a learning tool, a resource of inspiration and a great way of connecting with like-minded souls through social media. Therefore, this website has been created as a place to share my passion for photography and things photography related e.g photographers, cameras and photography styles and techniques.

Thanks for visiting.